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The founder of AVA, Mr. Abated is a professional audio consultant of microphone. He is working in the field of hifi microphone,  conference microphone, wireless microphone, Pro-amplifier, mixer sine 1982.

Mr. Abated set up his own study room special for audio in 1988. He got the patent of various audio technologies both for conference system, recorder and live play such as hi-fi reversion, human voice principle, musical instrument tone, wireless transfer

Mr. Abated built AVA brand in 2001 and in charge the R&D department directly. His aim is to offer the best quality to the client with 0% return rate. Every microphone is produced under the strict quality production system.

AVA brand is the leader of conference system in UK. It has been used for much international conference. It started his sales in overseas market since 2005 and provides OEM service for many professional audio companies. AVA entered Chinese marker in 2007 and develop the market quickly with his professional service and product quality.  

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